Effective Volunteer Management : How do you do it?

So what is volunteer management? It’s about managing volunteer resources in a way that makes sense for both the organisation and the volunteers.

Many groups know that volunteers are the backbone of their organisation but are they able to actually measure the contribution volunteers make?  Many think of policies and procedures as a bunch of unnecessary red tape limiting what people can do but what if you tried looking at them as valuable communications tools?  Tools that create a place where everyone knows the rules of the game while providing a valuable road map that outlines your group’s beliefs, values and it’s expectations of its volunteers.

The State of Volunteering in New Zealand 2016 report shows that volunteers are looking for more flexibility and often want to only commit for the short-term. Therefore focus for Volunteer Involving Organisations should be on providing effective volunteer management and allowing the volunteer to carry out roles in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Most organisations have some volunteer management practices in place but they may want to assess how well they are doing in the area of well designed and meaningful roles or valuing their volunteer management.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty is pleased to be hosting Rob Jackson, a leader in the UK Volunteer Management field, at a full day workshop on Friday 3rd November 2017 at the Millennium Hotel Rotorua. This workshop will cover topics to help you manage your volunteer programme.

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If you want to learn more about how to effectively manage your volunteers then this workshop is for you!


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During Avalon’s strategic review and service redesign it became very clear that to create a successful service that can support individuals to live a good life of their choosing Avalon will be required to recruit a team of volunteers to support these objectives. Volunteering management is an area that historically Avalon has performed less than optimally so with this in mind we engaged with Volunteering Bay of Plenty to create a volunteer programme for us. Their strengths and expertise in volunteering has proved invaluable for us and has created the opportunity for Avalon to create a new position focussing on implementing the tool that Volunteering Bay of Plenty  provided to us. The continued support that Volunteering Bay of Plenty  continue to offer Avalon has move forward is appreciated and invaluable.

“The team at Volunteering Bay of Plenty undertake a wide variety of projects that help our community by engaging the Tauranga community to voluntarily contribute their time and efforts. We encourage and seek support their work when we can”

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