About Us

Volunteering Bay of Plenty (VOLBOP) is one of 20 Volunteer Centres in the country and a member of Volunteering New Zealand. We provide a range of services to support and promote volunteering in the Bay of Plenty (Tauranga, Rotorua, Katikati, Whakatane), including:

  • Linking potential volunteers and organisations.
  • Providing a range of training relating to voluntary work.
  • Providing news and information to our community about volunteering and new developments.
  • Promoting the value of volunteering by showing our appreciation. One of the ways we do this is through awards for individual volunteers and organisations.

The community and voluntary sector is a powerful social network bringing people together to develop strong communities. Volunteers are like social entrepreneurs, their input contributes to changes in the community, but they also bring diversity, personality, history and experiences to their role and valuable connections to their community and their whanau.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty offers great rewards to the community with its base of skilled and keen volunteers ready to assist you in jobs that you have. The benefits of volunteer work are tremendous and for some volunteers life changing. For example, many of our volunteers are at the cross roads of their next career move and have a plethora of skills that they can use. They are often looking for a new direction and have a willingness to try environments that they may not have been in before.

Are you ready to volunteer?