Volunteer and Stay Safe

We are currently at Alert Level 1 which means very few restrictions apply.

Before Volunteering at this time, please follow the operational guidelines provided by the organisation you are Volunteering for

Here are four things to get you started:

Do your research:
Joining already existing organisations that need extra Volunteer support means a coordinated community response.

Reach out to neighbours:
Talking to and supporting your neighbours builds resilience within your community both during and after an emergency.

Share your resources:
If you have more than what you need, consider donating spare to food banks or community pantries.

Stay informed and be safe:
Keep informed from official resources only to ensure best practice and how to keep safe while supporting the community.

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Ideas for Volunteering during a lock down

  1. Register on our Volunteer database. Once you have registered, you will be ready to offer your support to our members when they list their Volunteer roles.
  2. When applying for a role through our website ensure that you check with the listing organisation if they have protocols in place regarding COVID-19.
  3. If the role/event you have applied for is no longer available ask if there are other ways you can help; be mindful that we are all looking at how we can support each other with the social limitations we are and will be needing to adhere to.
  4. From time to time we will mobilise Volunteers on behalf of our members. Like us on Facebook – so you’re the first to know how you can help.
  5. Check on your neighbours (from a distance). Do they need something picked up from the supermarket or pharmacy? BYO chair and cuppa and stay for a chat through an open door or window.
  6. Outdoor conservation or gardening roles where it is easier to keep recommended distances.
  7. Look for online Volunteering and roles that can be done from home.
  8. Connect via phone or other online tools with people who are self-isolating; physical distancing does not mean social isolation.
  9. Neighbourhood Pods – Check on what needs are arising in your neighbourhood, coordinate a neighbourhood group chat or phone tree, and staying in touch.
  10. The best way you can help is being mindful of the changing situation we are all in – be kind and wash your hands!

Source: Volunteering BOP and Volunteering Auckland

Visit the official website for updates and more information to unite against COVID-19

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