VolFest 2020


Volunteering is at the heart of so many organisations and causes in our community.

This is your chance to get involved and DO SOMETHING GREAT.

The definition of a grass roots event, VolFest is a celebration of giving back, learning new skills and putting your own skills to use to make a true difference in our special community. We have sites available for 100 organisations which will be showcasing their services at the event, giving people the opportunity to learn more and become part of the volunteering movement in Tauranga.

If not you, who? If not now, when?

Those are the two questions we’ll be hoping this event poses to everyone who comes along. An event where community connections, spirit and togetherness will be at the centre of the festival, the celebratory atmosphere will include food trucks galore, music and entertainment on stage, activated areas that provides fun for the whole family.

Please join us in making the inaugural VolFest on Saturday, 4th April 2020 a special way of connecting and enhancing our vibrant community.

If you are an organisation and wish to take part in this event by way of performing, having a stall, etc, please register HERE

If you are a volunteer, or want to volunteer, attend the festival and find out about the work that some of our amazing organisations do in our community, follow us on social media or signup to our database.


Looking forward to seeing you there.


International Volunteer Managers Day 

This day, celebrated on the same day, 5th November, every year is a chance to recognise and celebrate the vital work managers of volunteers provide to volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations through effective volunteer strategy, culture, communication and resources. Without this work, volunteers’ time, talents and efforts would be wasted.

This year’s theme is ‘Changing the Tune’, which is about how we can move Volunteer Management forward into the next 20 years.

It is a challenge for us all to consider:

  • How we think volunteer leadership is positioned.
  • Attune oursevles to how the future of volunteering might look.
  • Challenge and change our perceptions on volunteering and how it is changing.
  • Change how we look at our own well-being in order to be better volunteer leaders.

This day is an opportunity to celebrate and recognise the work of managers and leaders of volunteers.  Their ability to lead, motivate and organise volunteers to make a difference across the globe is inspiring!  It is also an opportunity to set goals for the future – building productive teams.

If you volunteer for an organisation, take the time out to thank your manager/leader, and if you are a manager/leader – give yourself a pat on the back – you deserve it!

International Volunteer Day 2018 International Volunteer Day

On International Volunteer Day, 5 December (every year)we recognise and connect with an estimated 1 billion volunteers around the globe working on the issues that affect us and our diverse communities.

We will update details once known for the 2019 event.