While volunteers help others, studies show that it is good for the volunteer too.

Volunteering offers many benefits, including opportunities for volunteers to:

  • gain new skills and knowledge,
  • boost their own job and career prospects,
  • enjoy a sense of achievement and fulfillment,
  • develop personally and boost self esteem,
  • enjoy better physical and mental health,
  • connect to and better understand your community,
  • meet new people and make new friends.

Think of it as increasing your social and human capital.


Social capital is the forming of relationships to help each other, while human capital is the knowledge and personal attributes that produce economic value.


Volunteering increases your social capital by providing a sense of community participation and belonging. You’re also exposed to teamwork, problem solving, decision making, leadership and the opportunity to acquire new skills and knowledge i.e. human capital.


Your communication skills are greatly enhanced, as well as greater understanding of diversity and negotiation.


Volunteering has a positive impact on mental health, future employment prospects, and your community. It can provide a healthy boost to your self-confidence, self-esteem, and life satisfaction. You are doing good for others and the community, which provides a natural sense of accomplishment.


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See below for videos of volunteers explaining why they volunteer and benefits they receive.

Meet Sheerali (Volunteer)


Meet Katy (Volunteer)