No doubt you’ve heard it all before, but you need to get work experience before you graduate!


Employers are telling us that work experience is emerging as the determining factor for post-graduate employment success. Grades are important but experience is often the difference between securing and not securing your dream job.

A number of organisations have now introduced formal policies setting out that an employee must have some form of work experience before being offered a job.

An increasing number of students have also confirmed this.

If you can’t secure a paid job and or just want to help out your community, you should know that experience gained volunteering will help you to get jobs in the future.


Employers tell us that students who have volunteered in their community often display the attitude they are looking for. In the eyes of employers, this quality in a potential employee is a big plus.

You can apply for volunteer roles just like any other role. To help you secure the work experience you need, sign up to to the database  and find the most suitable role for you and your career.

Experience matters, meaning Volunteering pays!