Website Blackboard PaulaAre you an organisation in need of volunteer assistance? There are a number of ways to find volunteers at this time, from the Volunteer Centre Network, to online volunteer recruitment sites.

Volunteer Centres around New Zealand, like Volunteering Bay of Plenty, connect volunteers with organisations in their communities. They have been mobilised to take expressions of interest from those available to help during the pandemic and have extensive lists of volunteers available at this time.

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Service Overview

Volunteering Bay of Plenty (Volunteering BOP) is based in Tauranga and services the entire Bay of Plenty. The Centre works in close partnership with the other Volunteer Centres in the country via the Volunteer Centre Network and liaises with Volunteering New Zealand on a regular basis.

Volunteering BOP aims to be recognised by all sections of the community as a One-Stop Volunteering Shop, attracting a wide range of volunteers and providing professional information on volunteering issues. The chief aim is to increase the quality and quantity of volunteering in the area by providing information, support and guidance to potential and existing volunteers, and to Not For Profit (NFP) organisations.


Volunteering BOP is structured around six core functions:

1.  ‘Best Practice’ Development – to increase the volunteering knowledge base of its stakeholders, particularly Not for Profits (NFPs). Volunteering BOP does this through delivering training and advice as well as encouraging a high standard of volunteer management.

2.  Developing Volunteering Opportunities – working in close partnership with a wide variety of other organisations to develop volunteering. Volunteering BOP does this by working to improve the accessibility of volunteering to specific groups of people who may face barriers such as those with extra support needs or the long term unemployed. The aim is to work creatively to develop imaginative new opportunities for engagement.

3.  Brokerage – matching the skills and interests of potential volunteers with NFP’s. This includes posting volunteer opportunities on our Database, other databases, as well as offering support and advice to people about how to get started volunteering.

4.  Marketing Volunteering – innovatively and creatively marketing and promoting volunteering. Volunteering BOP does this through local, regional and national events and campaigns and by targeting different groups of potential volunteers such as the unemployed. Volunteering BOP promote the Volunteer Centre brand and aim to use the latest technology to promote their work.

5.  Strategic Development of Volunteering – taking a strategic approach to volunteering by supporting changes that facilitate volunteering and challenging approaches that inhibit it as well as networking at all levels. Volunteering BOP aims to do this by having close links with NFPs locally and regionally, by being actively involved in relevant networks and by monitoring and evaluating the impact of current volunteering infrastructure.

6.  Policy Response & Campaigning – identifying and responding to issues and policies that have an impact on volunteering. Volunteering BOP aims to be aware of local,regional and national government proposals and policies and leading on or participating in campaigns about volunteering issues for a more volunteer-literate and volunteer-friendly culture. Volunteering BOP aims to be the first port of call for the media when comments on volunteering are sought.