Volunteering Bay of Plenty…

    • spans across the entire volunteering spectrum.
    • is a one stop shop for all your volunteering needs.
    • adds significant value through efficient and cost effective volunteer recruitment and referral service.
    • offers expert advice on volunteer management, training, information and resources.
    • provides its service free of charge to volunteers.
    • promotes the benefits of volunteering to local organisations, businesses and the Bay of Plenty community.
    • provides regional advocacy on behalf of its member organisation.


Tiered fees based on Service level

Member BenefitsBASIC
Recruitment & referral database
Access to volunteer groups   (friends/student groups)
Access to Employee Volunteer projects
Out of town locations    (when supervised by one coordinator)
Advice & consultancy

Extra consultancy hours

(user pays service)

$50 p/h fee

2 hours per year

$45 p/h fee

4 hours per year

$40 p/h fee

Networking & support Forum$5 p/p
Resource Library
Event volunteer management

(user pays service)

5% discount10% discount
Promotion of Volunteering (National Volunteer Week, National Volunteer Day)
Receive information on volunteer related training
Access to IT-helpdesk
Annual excellence awards    (max # of people)$10 p/p$5 p/p
Facebook promotionSix Monthlyquarterly
Neighbourly & Seek Website promotion*Six Monthlyquarterly
Advocacy on Volunteering
Member utilisation reportAnnualSix Monthly
Future services
Volunteer management Quality Mark
Uploading roles on Student Job website
Uploading roles onto SEEK Volunteer
Full coverage of the Bay of Plenty
Assistance with volunteer interviews