Overview of Volunteering Bay of Plenty

Volunteering Bay of Plenty (Volunteering BOP)  is based in Tauranga and services the entire Bay of Plenty. The centre works in close partnership with the other Volunteer Centres in the country via the Volunteer Centre Network and liaises with Volunteering New Zealand on a regular basis.

Volunteering BOP supports volunteering in the region around four main objectives:

  1. To make volunteering more visible and valued in the community;
  2. To enable every individual, whatever their background or ability, to have the opportunity to contribute to community life through volunteering and to benefit from the experience;
  3. To ensure that organisations across all sectors have the information, skills and know-how  to benefit from volunteering activity; and
  4. To build and maintain quality volunteering support services that champion volunteering.

Volunteering BOP aims to be recognised by all sections of the community as a one-stop volunteering shop, attracting a wide range of volunteers and providing professional information on volunteering issues. The chief aim is to increase the quality and quantity of volunteering in the area by providing information, support and guidance to potential and existing volunteers, and to Not for Profit organisations (NFP’s).

Volunteering BOP is structured around  six core functions, which are described in more detail below.

  1. Recruitment & referral database – The online volunteer role database assists you with the Recruitment and referral of volunteers to your organisation, including individuals, corporate teams and one-off events. You may list as many positions as you choose for one annual membership fee and you will be able to manage, edit roles yourself.
  2. Volunteer groups – Member will receive requests from groups that would like to give back to the community. For example school groups, family groups, student groups from learning centres. A great way to get some of your big projects started.
  3. Employee Volunteer Programme – The Employee volunteering is a programme where business/statutory organisations (employers) are encouraged and supported to offer opportunities for their employees to carry out voluntary work, done of their own free will and for the common good. Volunteering Bay Of Plenty is actively searching for companies that would like to support their employees to volunteer.
  4. Advice & consultancy – Members (‘Plus’ & ‘Premium’ tier) receive free consultation hours to assist their organisation with developing and reviewing their volunteer programme. If your organisation needs more assistance, it is possible to book extra consultancy hours (user pays service).
  5. Networking & support Forum – A networking and support forum for managers and coordinators of volunteers and others responsible for engaging volunteers (like the Coffee meeting every six weeks). Topics like volunteer retention, volunteer trends and stats are discussed and experiences are shared.
  6. Promotion of Volunteering – Our Centre promotes the benefits of volunteering to local organisations, businesses and the BOP community including: National Volunteer Week (June), International Volunteer Manager’s Day (November 5), UN International Volunteer Day (December 5), Student Volunteer Week, Volunteer Expos and Festivals. Receive information on events celebrating, recognising and mobilising volunteers in the Bay of Plenty.
  7. Annual excellence awards – You can show appreciation to your volunteer, and give them the chance to win some fantastic prizes along with a free breakfast. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to network with local organisations and Volunteering Bay Of Plenty members. You can nominate for free (one in each category) and nominees are attending for free, extra attendees (up to four people) are at a charge in the ‘Basic’ and ‘Plus’ tier, free in the ‘premium’ tier.
  8. Facebook promotion – Members are promoted on a regular basis through links to their news articles, volunteer positions and other relevant information.
  9. Neighbourly and Seek Volunteer promotion – Members are promoted on a regular basis through links to their news articles, volunteer positions and other relevant information.

By becoming a member, you will have access to these services.

Please have a look at our membership packages to have more information.