State of Volunteering

Volunteering New Zealand has published a number of reports of interest to the community and voluntary sector in New Zealand.

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Guide for Managers of Volunteers 

Organisations will find this resource very useful in helping them develop their volunteer programmes.  Developed by Volunteer Wellington it contains some practical tips & tools.

Volunteers & the new Health & Safety Legislation 

Safer Team have developed a simple to use Volunteer Association Health and Safety Management System package.  The package includes Health and Safety Policies, Procedures, Forms, Registers, Getting Started Guide and Volunteer Induction booklet.

The Health & Safety at Work Act

The Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 took effect on 4 April 2016. This page links to information for volunteer-involving organisations which are affected by the new law.

Involve Me – Enhancing Volunteering

Get the best out of your organisation’s volunteer programme.  InvolveMe is an online self-assessment tool designed to give you a practical evaluation that you can apply to your organisation.

Rights as a Volunteer 

Organisations that involve volunteers must make sure that their selection of volunteers is based on areas such as skills, experience and qualifications, rather than issues such as race, gender or disability.

Best Practice Toolkit for Volunteering

Supporting development of managers of volunteers and the organisations they work within, has been a key VNZ focus since 2010.The creation of the Best Practice Guidelines for Volunteer-Involving Organisations (the Guidelines), is a central part of this.

Competencies for Managers of Volunteers

The need for further learning and professional development opportunities has been cited repeatedly by managers of volunteers as crucial. There is a desire for more focused qualifications relating to managers of volunteers, flexible and affordable learning options and recognition of prior learning and experience. Download the competencies and understand how you can improve your leadership skills for volunteers.

How To Volunteer As A Senior

AgingInPlace has a great article on volunteering as a senior.  This article confirms that being active, meeting new people and helping in the community has huge benefits for older adults.


Use the templates provided by Exult to help with your volunteer management.

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