Volunteer Coordinator/Managers Coffee Group – Rotorua

Every six weeks on a Tuesday at 10.30am Volunteering Bay of Plenty hosts an informal coffee group for volunteer coordinators/managers at the Arts Village in Rotorua; 1240 Hinemaru Street. At these meetings we discuss the volunteering issues affecting your organisation. The aim is to provide a positive open forum for people to share their experiences and gain tips or advice from others. This coffee group is open to both members of Volunteering Bay of Plenty and non members as connecting with the community is paramount to us. We often provide a guest speaker to discuss and address any relevant topics or issues, raised within the group. This coffee group is held in association with The Arts Village who currently provide the venue. We are hoping to introduce additional venues.

BA5 (Business After 5) – Wednesday 18th October 2017 5.15pm – 7.00pm

To be held at Eastbay REAP, 21 Pyne Street, Whakatane.  A low key get together with local businesses, provide information on how they can help non-for-profit organisations.

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Effective Volunteer Management : How do you do it?

So what is volunteer management? It’s about managing volunteer resources in a way that makes sense for both the organisation and the volunteers.

Many groups know that volunteers are the backbone of their organisation but are they able to actually measure the contribution volunteers make?  Many think of policies and procedures as a bunch of unnecessary red tape limiting what people can do but what if you tried looking at them as valuable communications tools?  Tools that create a place where everyone knows the rules of the game while providing a valuable road map that outlines your group’s beliefs, values and it’s expectations of its volunteers.

The State of Volunteering in New Zealand 2016 report shows that volunteers are looking for more flexibility and often want to only commit for the short-term. Therefore focus for Volunteer Involving Organisations should be on providing effective volunteer management and allowing the volunteer to carry out roles in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Most organisations have some volunteer management practices in place but they may want to assess how well they are doing in the area of well designed and meaningful roles or valuing their volunteer management.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty is pleased to be hosting Rob Jackson, a leader in the UK Volunteer Management field, at a full day workshop on Friday 3rd November 2017 at the Millennium Hotel Rotorua. This workshop will cover topics to help you manage your volunteer programme.

For more information about this event and to register, click here

If you want to learn more about how to effectively manage your volunteers then this workshop is for you!

 7th Eves Realty Excellence Awards for Volunteers – Tuesday 5th December 2017 , to be held at Daniels in the Park, 53 11th Avenue, Memorial Park Tauranga. 

Coinciding with International Volunteer day, this is a special event to celebrate and acknowledge our volunteers for their outstanding effort put in throughout the year. For more information and to register a nomination CLICK HERE