Training Opportunities

#GoodGovernance has always been important for community organisations, but with increased liabilities, continual competition for funding, stricter accountability, ensuring your organisation can demonstrate good Governance is now more important than ever. Need help? Check out Exult – Helping Non-Profits Grow Governance Training  Workshop in Tauranga on Saturday 17th February 2018, 9.30am – 4pm. There are only 3 spaces left for interested Boards, so we recommend you register early to secure a space..To register or for more information: Email 

“It was a great opportunity to focus as a team, prioritise and end up with some clear key takeaways to implement in our governance practice.” Hilary Price, Homes of Hope

Volunteering Waikato provides a range of training opportunities to help community organisations ensure they are using best practice principles in volunteer management. If you are working with volunteers in any organisation, you will benefit by attending their workshops!

These workshops are all Hamilton based.

If you want further information, be sure to see the full list of training opportunities.