Training Opportunities

Do you wish you had more people helping out, more often? Exult

Do you attract a steady stream of volunteers but find they never stick around for long?

When it comes to volunteering, people are spoiled for choice. There is no shortage of organisations to get involved with, so in order to attract volunteers and keep them on-board, you need to offer them the best possible experience. Learn what drives people to volunteer and discover simple strategies for ensuring your volunteers get what they need to stay involved.

Exult are running a workshop in Rotorua on February 13th 2019 from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm

$50 per person for Bay of Plenty non-profit organisations

Volunteering Waikato provides a range of training opportunities to help community organisations ensure they are using best practice principles in volunteer management. If you are working with volunteers in any organisation, you will benefit by attending their workshops!

These workshops are all Hamilton based.

If you want further information, be sure to see the full list of training opportunities.