Volunteer Management Toolkit

Volunteering BOP can assist organisations with their volunteer management to give them direction and a purpose so they can achieve the right outcomes.

Part of this support and guidance will be providing information such as the Volunteer Management Toolkit.  This toolkit is intended for use by boards, managers and coordinators to help attract, manage and retain volunteers.

The toolkit provides you with:                              

  • advice on planning your volunteer management system
  • tips on finding and selecting the right volunteers for your organisation
  • instructions on inducting and training volunteers
  • guidance on retaining volunteers
  • Templates

Please get in touch with us if you would like further information on this toolkit and other areas we can help you with.

Full toolkit

The full toolkit includes all the appendices.
Volunteer Management Toolkit (pdf 1MB)

If you have any further questions please contact us

InvolveMe – Enhancing volunteering

Get the best out of your organisation’s volunteer programme.

InvolveMe is an online self-assessment tool designed to give you a practical evaluation that you can apply to your organisation.

The easy to use tool is for any sized volunteer organisation — big or small — by helping you reflect and identify opportunities for your organisation’s volunteer management.

InvolveMe helps volunteer organisations to:

  • develop a one team, continuous improvement approach
  • reflect and show growth opportunities along the way
  • take a best practice approach to volunteering

Upon completing your InvolveMe assessment, you will receive:

  1. A report specifically based on your responses and area for reflection regarding your assessment
  2. An action plan to make improvements to your organisation
  3. Links to resources to help you improve your organisation’s volunteer programme

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