Volunteer Program Management

Most of the volunteer programmes of the centre’s member organisations are run by staff who are not qualified volunteer coordinators. In many instances, the manager of the centre is also responsible for the volunteer programme of the organisation.

With the current funding pressure and the focus on measurable outcomes we understand that volunteer coordinators struggle to allocate time to establish, develop or maintain a volunteer programme. This is a concern for our centre, as it will show in referrals not being followed up, a low volunteer satisfaction and a low volunteer retention.

Volunteering Bay of Plenty recognised the opportunity to raise the quality of volunteer programmes in the Bay of Plenty, whilst generating extra income by offering members quality volunteer management consultancy.

Service outline

A staff member of Volunteering BOP will be contracted (outsourced) to a member organisation and together they will work on improving its volunteer programme.

Either to:

– Set up / develop the member organisation’s volunteer programme or

– Review / enhance the member organisation’s volunteer programme.


Volunteering BOP offers

  1.       Taking control of setup/re-establishing volunteer programme, including rolling out
  2.       Prepare all documentation required
  3.       Supervision (please note that some training for our staff might be needed)
  4.       A project description with deadlines, timeline and budget.

Outsourcing can offer greater budget flexibility and control for our member organisations. It lets organisations pay for only the services they need, when they need them. Our consultancy programme will be tailor made (outcomes, hours etc). The organisations’ existing personnel can remain focused on the cause of the organisation. The Volunteering BOP consultant works independently to perform the necessary task, communicating on an as-needed basis.

This service is one of the steps towards a national volunteer programme quality mark for not-for-profit organisations. It will include Volunteer New Zealand’s ‘best practice guidelines’, ‘competencies for managers’ and will make use of the centre’s Services Coordinators’ training in Volunteer Management.


For more information, please contact us.